BFM Spigots are available in Stainless steel AISI 304, AISI 316 and in Mild steel.

The BFM Spigots are produced in standard sizes (see below), but the BFM Spigot can be produced in diameters up to 1,650 mm. The only thing is, it has to be splittable with 50 mm.

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spigotsWhen welding the BFM fittings to your equipment, the application length must be accurately measured.

Ø (Diameter)

100 mm.
125 mm.
150 mm.
200 mm.
250 mm.
300 mm.
350 mm.
400 mm.
450 mm.

1650 mm


CL = Connector Length (See BFM Flexible Connector sheet)


1. The steel spigots (flanges) have a 52-mm-long tail.
These can be easily cut down or cut at an angle to suit your existing pipework. See installation instructions for more information.

2. It is important to weld the spigots onto your pipework with the length of the connector in mind. Standard length flexible connectors will be stocked and hence will be more readily available, and less expensive than non standard lengths.

3. For applications where there is a possibility of static build up (e.g. wood dust, flour, milk powder, sugar etc.), we recommend using a static dissipative wire (strip), connecting the two BFM Spigots together.