Eliminate the need for hose clips with our patented technology. The BFM® fitting is cleaner, safer, and lasts much longer than a standard fabric and hose clip fitting and can be replaced quickly and easily with NO TOOLS REQUIRED.


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The BFM® fitting is the perfect substitute for the standard flexible connection, and compensators, known on the market today. BFM® fitting gives you a cleaner work space and quicker change over, saving you money.


The BFM® fitting is already being used around the world and can be succesfully installed and used for the following applications and industries.

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Further to the applications above, BFM® can be used in a wide variety of applications, in particular any applications where current flexible couplings and hose clips are used.



The Benefits

The BFM® fitting offers a wide range of benefits over a hose-clamped connector. Some of these are outlined below:


Standard hose-clamped flexible connectors
BFM® fitting
Product building up between the flexible connector and the sidewall of the spigot.
No crevices for product to get caught in.
From inaccuracies in measuring onsite through to production, it can be very difficult to get a perfect fit of a hose-clamped connector.
PERFECT fir every time
Both the speed and accuracy of fitting hose clamps can vary widely and often clamps are not fitted correctly.
Can only fit in exactly the correct place, i.e. in or out.
In an overpressure situation hose clamps are normally always the weakest link and give up or let go long before the flexible connector would be due to rupture.
Only seals tighter under high pressures.
Standard Sizes
Current flexible connectors are made in any size whatsoever. Here there are thousands of different sizes.
Set standard sizes in 50-mm increments help standardise stock holdings of spare parts.
Health & Safety
When using screwdrivers to tighten up hose clips, damage is common to the flexible connector and even the installer’s hands
Tool-free connector-changing. Simply snap in with your hands.